First of all THANK YOU to Sam Vaknin and Richard Grannon who took whatever needed to make these video’s. Thank you for bringning forward your research and information – AND for sometimes spicing this very serious topic with your humor.

Why make these video transcripts?

There is so much amazing stuff to consume in all these video’s, and horrifying too I must say. While listening to “The TRUE Toxicity of Social Media Revealed” (and related video’s) – over and over again – I was missing the text in front of me to grasp even more of it.

Searching for transcriptions, I found none. Therefore, I made my own video transcripts and created this website to share the video’s + PDF’s. Feel free to read and share them with others.

Mind-blowing, ground shaking numbers and informations are revealed. It will leave you with nothing but the need to be much more conscious about how you use social media.

Something has to be done:

Especially our young ones are in a dangerous situation, I quote Sam Vaknin [part 1]:
We know that anxiety and depression among the young – between 15 and 24 – increased by 70% over the last 30 years. It has simply doubled. We know that since 2010 teen suicide climbed by 31%, so teen suicide is rampant. Today [2018] it is the first time in human history, that the leading cause of death among teens up to the age of 24, is suicide. Not any disease or not even accidents – it used to be accidents – today it is suicide. That’s the leading cause of death and is intimately connected to social media.

But don’t feel safe if you are an older human version. Social media usage might have a much more sinister impact on you that you can imagine.

Spread the word.

If you are a mother, father, teacher, brother, sister, friend, psychologist, psychiatrist, or just a human being, you cannot let these video’s pass by. Please share if you also find this subject important.

Feel free to use the video transcripts and the PDF’s.
Then you may consider to find the places where you can connect with, discuss and support everyone, who see what has to be done.

In hope for our future,